Hello! My name is Sasha. ­čÖé

a little bit about me..

I’m a college student and I have been an entertainer for going on three years now.

I am a Caucasian, female  located in the southeastern portion of the United States.

Iv’e created this blog for several seemingly unrelated reasons

I think too much on a daily basis and it’s a nice way to organize my thoughts.

I love helping new or struggling dancers.

I don’t like seeing people make time and money wasting mistakes that I have already made.

I want to connect to other dancers that I do not have to directly compete with.

There isn’t enough information out there about stripping as an occupation

The content in my posts may change a lot because I like to change my viewpoints when I discover new things.

With that being said..

If you have an idea to share or any criticisms feel free to let me know.

however, in order to control the er.. trolling. I might delete comments that attack other commentators or me directly.


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